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The Beauty Of Sariaya Quezon (Favorite Tourist Destinations)

Sariaya Municipal Hall and Public Park

Bay View
Sariaya Church

The Municipality of Sariaya (Filipino: Bayan ng Sariaya) is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines.
The municipality is famous for beaches like (Nawawalang Paraiso) ,Villa Dell Prado Beach Resort , Monte Vista Resort and many more resorts, heritage houses, and hiking activities like in Mount Banahaw.
It is one of the favorite tourist destinations during Summer vacation,not far from Manila (just 3 to 4 hours drive).

Sariaya is the town before the provincial capital city of Lucena if you are coming from the North. But if you are coming from the South, it is the town after the provincial capital city of Lucena. Tayabas City lies on its northeast side, the city of Lucena on its southeast, the municipality of Candelaria, Quezon on its west,
and the municipality of San Juan, Batangas on its southwest.
Mount Banahaw is located on its north while Tayabas Bay is on its south.
Mount Banahaw

Sariaya belongs to the 2nd District of Quezon province. The said congressional district also includes San Antonio, Dolores, Tiaong, Candelaria and the City of Lucena.

According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 138,894 people. It is the second largest municipality of Quezon province in terms of population with Lucena City being the highly populated area.

Sariaya Quezon Festivities:

Brief History of Sariaya,Quezon

Bounded on the North by the legendary Mt. Banahaw, on the south by Tayabas Bay, on the west by Candelaria and San Juan (Batangas) and on the east by Tayabas and Lucena City, Sariaya is known far and wide as the "town" of palatial houses.
Sariaya has an area of about 23,980 hectares, the greater part of which is planted with coconuts.

"S A R I A"

It is said that by the middle of the 16th century, the fishermen inhabited the place now known as the barrio Tumbaga near the seashore in Sariaya. One day the Spaniards visited the place. Not knowing where they were, they approached a certain woman and asked her what the name of the place was. The woman, not knowing Spanish and thinking perhaps that her name was what the Spaniards wanted to know, said "Saria". The Spaniards wrote "Saria" on their notebooks as the name of the settlement. And while the Spaniards were talking with each other, the natives heard them utter the words "Saria-ya". Hence, the words traveled from mmouth to mouth and became a common saying until the twowords were combined.


In 1599, the franciscan missionaries arrived in Sariaya. They constructed a church and made St. Francis of Assisi as Patron Saint of the town. Six years later, another chuch was built to replace the old one.
Because of constant Moro raids, the settlers fled farther inland carrying with them an image of Christ at the Cross, which they saved when their settlement was being burned. Upon reaching the place where the present town of Sariaya is located, the image suddenly became so heavy that the settlers decided to stayed there and founded a settlement.


Besides the raids of Moro Pirates, the town suffered natural and man-made calamities such as: Mt. Banahaw, then an active volcano, erupted in 1539. It is said that for (2)two days, molten lava and stones flooded the town destroying countless houses and properties. The eruption was repeated on January 18, 1909.
An earthquake came in this town in 1734 and destryed the church built in Tumbaga I. In 1756 and 1786, an epidemic killing hundreds of people occured in the town. It was repeated in 1872 and 1882.

Fire hits the town in 1831, 1837, 1847, 1930 and 1951.

Bandits rampaged the town in 1838. The town Captain is beheaded. A certain Don Tiburcio Rodriguez was also killed. The attacked was repeated in 1853. This time, the bandits killed the commissioners of the town, burned one house and held their celebrations in Casa Real. The last attack recorded was when the Bandits tried to ransack the municipal building, but they failed because of the resistance of the brave policemen of the town.

Notable Persons of Sariaya Quezon:

  • Maria Pureza Hernandez - ( EscaƱo international multidisciplinary artist, known for her masterful figurative and surrealism styles in painting.
  • Leo Austria - a professional basketball player and former head coach in the Philippine Basketball Association. Currently head coach of the Adamson Falcons in UAAP.
  • Don Maximo Solis - the father of Charito Solis, multi-awarded movie actress.
  • Mother Lily Monteverde - Her parents-in-law were from Sariaya, Quezon.
  • Martin Ilao - distinguished alumnus of Sariaya Institute, academician, professor, and a US-trained (Johns Hopkins) scientist in Chemistry.
  • Ysmael Baysa - ING-FINEX CFO (Chief Finance Officer) of the Year 2010. He is the CFO of Jollibee Foods Corporation
  • Carlos "Mang Caloy" Deduyo - famous photographer, pioneered digitally altered/enhanced photography in Sariaya, served as PTA President of St. Joseph's Academy for several years.
  • Luis B. Manese - Sariaya's longest serving Mayor during the Marcos administration.
  • Rev Fr. Raul L. Enriquez - a TIME Magazine awardee,as Ecology advocate.
  • Dona Margarita Rodriquez - a Spanish-Filipina mestiza, a religious benefactor who donated tracts of land for seminarians studying for priesthood, philantrophist and landlord, a spinster with no direct descendant but lots of collateral relatives. Her vast tract of land was distributed to the farmers/tenants by virtue of the land reform law. Her remains lie in estate at a mausoleum prominently located at the southern part of Sariaya public cemetery.

Educational institutions of Sariaya Quezon

Lutucan National High School - public
Canda National High School - public
Sariaya Institute - private non-sectarian
St. Joseph's Academy - private sectarian
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary - private sectarian (Junior Seminary)
St. Francis High School - private sectarian
Pili National High School- public
Banahaw National High School- public
Bignay National High School- public
Castanas National High School - semi-public
Governor Anacleto Alcala Memorial High School - soon to rise
Sariaya National High School - soon to rise

Vocational / Colleges:
Southern Luzon State University (satellite campus) - planned
Computer Systems Technological College (CSTC)- Gen. Luna St., Maharlika Highway, Sariaya, Quezon
Colegio de Sto. Cristo de Burgos

How to Get There If Planning for Vacation or To Visit Sariaya Quezon:

Sariaya, Quezon is 124 kilometers south of Manila. If you leave early and beat the traffic, it will be an easy
3-hour drive along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) all the way to its end towards the Lucena / Legaspi / Batangas exit. At the Sto.Tomas Junction, turn left.
You will then pass through San Pablo City (Laguna) before entering the province of Quezon.
Sariaya comes after the towns of Tiaong and Candelaria.



Please come and visit sariaya quezon and enjoy The Beauty of SARIAYA QUEZON and its nature.

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